Light my Steps


May your light precede my footsteps, 
Letting me breath in your fragrance,
Living in the aura of your soul…

May your light precede my footsteps,
Telling me the shameless truth,
Molding the listless spirit…

May your light precede my footsteps,
Being my father, my husband and my son,
layering emotions of all personas…

May your light precede my footsteps,
Closing the gap of time and space,
Moving me to the light of my own…

@ACR Moon

PicMonkey Collage

Village Belle’s Gait

Walking down the meandering trail,

She clicked her hips as a bottled ale,

Her anklets twinkled with her gait,

In her own tune she croons of her fate,

Tucking away locks of hair off her face,

A face to adore and admired by all gaze,

Sprinkling water from the earthen pot,

Carelessly nestled on her hip she got,

The gifted crystals from the river,

Nature throbs to her rhythm for ever,

Drip, splash, dibble like feisty little sparks,

Soaking her skin mapping damp obscure marks,

Unbound, unknown she swaggers on,

Till she reaches her dwelling core,

Out floats the sound of children’s giggle,

Dodging their speed she meanders and mingles,

Settling the pot on the ground,

She turns and smiles even frowns,

The sun shines with splendor,

Fragrance of her her being filled with wonder,

With a little flair, her skirt she twirled,

A village belle of the my obscure world.

ACR Moon



A drop of emptiness ripples out and echoes,

On the surface of the vast overflowing splendor,

Lighting up the pregnant pause on the candle’s wicker,

Blink, and there flows the molten wax from sodden eyes,

Drop by drop they gather in glistening hardness,

Filling up the crevasses of those long forgotten pains,

Stiffening the lips into a permanent smile,

Beautiful they say, for the redundant mask I know,

Frozen for eternity in the brimming liquid of love,

Spread out on the taut sheet of universal time.


ACR Moon

2013-05-08 18.18.18


Night visitor

Tap tap when the droplets on my window pane,

Turning to frozen crystals not admired,

Stirring through my dream fogged mins,

The tinkling music floated in,

Glazed eye fluttered to envision,

Powerful dreams embraced the mind back,

Come morning I see,

Tiny little shiny stars littered on my window sill,

Broken arms in fail attempt,

A smile laced with sorrow settled down.

ACR Moon


photo (98)

To the other side I go…

Crossing over the bridge of cold frigid water..
My mind full of turmoil keeps asking….
Can I get to the other side with out stopping?
Will I tire on the way, and stop right here?

Shards of painful ice batter my glass window..
I have to keep going …till I reach the other side…
Cold waves of drugged dreams seep in through…
Feet move, yet am not there…to the other side…

Come says my mother..go says my father…
Keep moving says my love, you will be there soon..
I look at the other side form one end to the other..
A tug on my finger, my child leads me through…

To the other side I go, moving along…
Will reach there now I know …
The cold recedes its steps …
I know I will..and am going to the other side now..

ACR Moon


Life Within

I touched you and you touched me back…
Fingers traveled on your cracked skin…
Rough and hard scratching yet throbbing with life..
Green velvet of moss endeavor to cover the scars..
All your lush splendor is there within…..

I touch you and you touch me back…
Palms down against your body…
Felt the gurgle of sap flowing beneath..
Dare to lean my face on you…
Listen to your pulse, silence echoes back…

I touch you and you touch me back…
With the graceful stir of your well endowed arms…
Fan my heated soul when the relentless sun beat…
Up I look and your blessings bend down ..
Cradling me on this earth to be born again…

ARC Moon

2013-03-18 18.42.00

Promise Seen

Keep your eyes open to the colors of life …

Look at what you heart want to see..

Blink from time to time to let the dust wash…

The veil of lies and jealousy should not settle..

Vision of truth is what we can only feel…

As the eyes can only see what is shown…

Only the promise of hope is true..

ACR Moon

2013-02-09 17.21.45