Tagging Memories

A drop of smile and hand full of giggles 

flowing down the memory lane it comes,

Twisting turning meandering it own squiggles

breaking down dams its load it dumps.

Stay still time I rebuke it again

to the def ears it falls even though,

Colored in its own hue of joyous pain

unfolding into new shapes they show.

Following me around like a child

calling my name with such a sweet name,

Emotions of essence so mild

 unfold in the shroud of shame.

I let it wash me over and take me back

the calling never seize until you surrender,

Live a little in the past I lack

the love care those did render.

Innocence of childlike fever course in me

letting it spiral out of control,

Engulfing me as I want to be

giving wings to my wishful soul.


ARC Moon



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