Whispers of Silence

Listen with your mind’s ears; do you hear it,

Silence so eloquent and over powering

It screams and moans turning and churning

Calling and begging yet not a word uttered,

Pay heed to the noise this quietness creates

Sound of the unspoken words lay heavy

Burdening your soul and crushing your heart

Say it, utter it, and tell it out to the world.

It is a gripping vine that slowly winds up

Choking the day light from the whispers of love

Overflowing the boundaries of the dam

Comes thoughts in the arms of silence

Close your eyes and listen with your heart

You will hear your name in every beat

A throb which vibrates through your very being

Talk to the silence and let it speak

Unbridled, unbound and unstoppable it flows

Tearing the curtain of noisy silence

ARC Moon

Expanse of Silence


2 thoughts on “Whispers of Silence

  1. maitreyeechowdhury

    Lovely Anumita..and so very the dreamy you 🙂

  2. Noisy Silence… the unending tumults in one’s mind…

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