Watch me walk

Let me make my mistakes,

one , two or even loads of them.

Allow me to trip and fall,

haul me up and dust me down.

You have held my hands for long,

still be my beacon from far.

Cheer me and encourage me,

make no bones of my wrongs.

Am growing up ma,

can let go of my hand.

Watch me walk the path,

you have paved for me.

ARC Moon



8 thoughts on “Watch me walk

  1. This is deep one, Anumta. Your seedling has grown into a young plant and before long with become the tree of life, bearing fruit. Watch him grow and nurture him with your love. All he asks you is to cast on him your protective warmth, and let him find his way 🙂

  2. Its very beautiful poem. Can feel the love for your child 🙂

  3. So true, and so beautifully expressed!

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