Peaceful Void

The constant exodus of images,

when they bar me from thinking..

Barging forcefully into incoherent stage,

fuming up to form a fumbled hue…


Oh! how I want to be empty,

void of all those cloudy emotions..

The drive to feel is so excruciating,

take it all, each and everything that comes…


Take away the crushing and grinding pain,

wash the fury so raw and unknown..

Smooth away the ugly wrinkles of worry,

wipe my slate entirely clean..


No memories, no thoughts, not a speck of guilt,

am all spent fight the dragons of will…

Shadows of doubt, misunderstanding and disbelief,

shatter them to bits with shards of light…


Let me be numb in unconscious bliss,

without a flicker of any emotions…

Lifeless, impasse, immovable and sedate,

Let life trickle by with a voice….


ACR Moon





4 thoughts on “Peaceful Void

  1. Lovely!

    I’ve nominated you for the Beautiful Blogger Award! I love your posts and this is a way of appreciating them.

    Instructions on my post on how to accept this award and check out the other nominated bloggers:



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