Hate Tears

He hates tears he said,

But this flood would not stop,

The dam I build crumbled down,

Broke loose like a house of cards,

Out trickles the pearls off from the broken cord,

Paying no heed to my denial,

He looked and frowned,

I hid my face in shy fear,

Will he hate me now,

His whispers will fade off,

As the deluge plunged,

Vision of him blurred with uncertainty,

Is he still there, I could not tell,

Timid fingers did not reach out,

What if he is gone, leaving an empty space,

Tight shut lids against the light,

I can see him, in my soul he resides.

ACR Moon



5 thoughts on “Hate Tears

  1. Poetry is a battle ground for you where you fence with emotions and shield with words. It is an area where you are able to wrestle your might and you power play with feelings. Brilliant! Must nurture this side of your talent.

  2. Beautiful subtle heartfelt – loved it Moon

  3. Vision of him blurred with uncertainty,
    Is he still there, I could not tell,

    very nice !

  4. Subleties of emotion beautifully captured.

  5. Soul stirring poem…it’s your anguish at a personal level. But, these lines transcend and it becomes the cry of Radha’s lonesome heart. Her doubts and fears…the fear of loss of love of every woman, in life and literature, Anumita. Superb!

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