Spear through her Heart

Temptress, witch and spell maker they called her,

Her glow never told otherwise,

She smiled in what ever state she was,

Silver luminous with golden streaks,

She borrowed from her emperor the sun,

With her light always worshiped with awe,

Conspiring stars detested her flair,

A shot through the heart they thought,

Finish her once for all,

Vanish her glow and vanquish her love,

Shooting stars they sent,

Streaking through the blue sheet of sky,

Striking her heart with arrows of pain,

She smiled and let the dents be made,

The agony she bore beaming her love,

As all she knew is her sun was there,

Her lord, her only reason to be,

Lunatic herself the moon she prevailed.

ACR Moon


One thought on “Spear through her Heart

  1. Praval Bhatnagar

    Very Real

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