Regaining Youth

Stripping away my youth the winter came,

Fading my colors it wiped away,

Ornaments of heart-shaped leaves blew,

All looted by the ruthlessness of icy gale,

Bare and shameless I stood tall,

Skeleton like fingers spread heaven-wards,

In prayer or accusation of my state of dilapidation,

Heartless queen of icicles danced around,

She flung her blanket of fluffy frigid snow,

It settled on me and weighed me down,

Crystals of dried tears glistened on my arms,

Longing for the warmth of my sun,

I did not let my heart freeze,

Days passed in bitter agony,

A little bird brought the news,

Lord Spring has fairies long due,

The first sprout my shoulders bare,

I look heaven-wards in complete bliss….

ACR Moon

Picture Courtesy : Moumita DuttaRoy



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