Only Me

Why veil up the truth..

When I have nothing to hide…

Hide behind a curtain of unknown..

Read me as I am..

Images of altered me…

Looses its own essence..

Every line of mine tells my story..

Why make it yours..

As I live my way..

Take me as I am…

ACR Moon



4 thoughts on “Only Me

  1. “Take me as I am”- Isn’t this should be the mantra of each one of us!!

    Lovely poetry coupled with an equally lovely photograph. Beautiful and inspiring.

  2. this is beautiful – you poems are like ‘music’ to my eyes. beautiful imagery, full of meaning and feeling

  3. A beautiful protest poem. Why should people/society judge? An agonizing cry, a torment that needs to be erased. As I read this, I hear the song from ‘Amar Prem’:

    Kuch Reet Jagat ki aisi hai
    har ek subah ki shaam hui
    tu kaun hai tera naam hai kya
    Seeta bhi yahan badnaam hui
    phir kyon sansar ki batoon se
    bheeg gaye tere naina

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