A drop of emptiness ripples out and echoes,

On the surface of the vast overflowing splendor,

Lighting up the pregnant pause on the candle’s wicker,

Blink, and there flows the molten wax from sodden eyes,

Drop by drop they gather in glistening hardness,

Filling up the crevasses of those long forgotten pains,

Stiffening the lips into a permanent smile,

Beautiful they say, for the redundant mask I know,

Frozen for eternity in the brimming liquid of love,

Spread out on the taut sheet of universal time.


ACR Moon

2013-05-08 18.18.18



3 thoughts on “Brimming

  1. Very visual and lots of texture.

  2. It captures and freezes ‘brimming liquid of love’ and all its passion on a ‘taut sheet’. Your verse, with its submerged erotica, leaps and soars to the sublime, like a mystic song …a Baul or a Sufi rendition…

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