Village Belle’s Gait

Walking down the meandering trail,

She clicked her hips as a bottled ale,

Her anklets twinkled with her gait,

In her own tune she croons of her fate,

Tucking away locks of hair off her face,

A face to adore and admired by all gaze,

Sprinkling water from the earthen pot,

Carelessly nestled on her hip she got,

The gifted crystals from the river,

Nature throbs to her rhythm for ever,

Drip, splash, dibble like feisty little sparks,

Soaking her skin mapping damp obscure marks,

Unbound, unknown she swaggers on,

Till she reaches her dwelling core,

Out floats the sound of children’s giggle,

Dodging their speed she meanders and mingles,

Settling the pot on the ground,

She turns and smiles even frowns,

The sun shines with splendor,

Fragrance of her her being filled with wonder,

With a little flair, her skirt she twirled,

A village belle of the my obscure world.

ACR Moon



9 thoughts on “Village Belle’s Gait

  1. i so love the music in this poem…

  2. this is adorable – it has an almost fairy tale quality. 🙂

  3. Beautiful. I could hear the sound of her anklet. Was listening to “Kalo? Ta she jotoi kalo hok, dekhechi tar kalo horin chokh” as I read this poem 🙂 !

  4. This almost reads like a song..a water gushing in a small village brook.And ur beautiful feet add allure to it 🙂

  5. Sung in sensuous innocence, the inner music and pretty feet reveal the unsaid, like a sigh of the lovers!

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